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sayounara for 40 days

i've committed myself not to use the internet for 40 days. it's a part of a contract i've signed. well, i hope that i'll get everything done written on the contract. kindly pray for me that this thing will succeed. so, that is the reason why i won't be able to update this blog, visit my jpopasia, friendster, YM, and facebook accounts.

i've actually planned for virtual-world-shutdown long long ago. sadly, a persuasive reason for me to do so i have none. but now, i've already got a very good and moving wherefore indeed.

bye for now everyone! (sayounara mina-san!). after 40 days, i'll tell you the exact reason. Kamisama yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Katrina gambatte!! ja mata ne (see you later).

my yen for rings

not so long ago, the idea of wearing rings on my fingers was not an indulgence but more of an accountability for me. it was because i tended  to be such an irresponsible kiddo back then who always had lost the rings worn by my not so pretty fingers. hahaha..

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kanashii by radwimps

I was searching for japanese songs during my preliminary year of being a j-pop-and-j-dorama-stuffs-addict.. Wait, did i just say preliminary?.. hahaha.. Going back, i came across "Order Made", another Radwimps song. And that's the start of being a Radwimps tracker. I really love the lyrics of the song. Most of there songs just seems to fit me in a way. Another great thing is that the beat of their songs never got lousy, always upbeat and is enjoyable to sing.
RADWIMPS (also known as RAD) is a J-Rock music group formed in 2001 while the members were in high school. Their name is a mix of the English words 'rad' and 'wimp', and according to their official website, it is a term they coined themselves meaning "excellent weakling" or "superlative coward". Sometimes the band tends to go just by the shortened version of their name, RAD.


* Yōjirō Noda (野田洋次郎, Yōjirō Noda?) (July 5, 1985) vocals, guitar.
* Akira Kuwahara (桑原彰, Akira Kuwahara?) (April 4, 1985) guitar and band leader.
* Yūsuke Takeda (武田祐介, Yūsuke Takeda?) (May 24, 1985) bass guitar.
* Satoshi Yamaguchi (山口智史, Satoshi Yamaguchi?) (March 20, 1985) drums.
Here is the English translation of the song above.
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Try to visit http://www.weffriddles.com/ . This is highly recommended for people who are inclined in solving puzzles and riddles. I've known this site from a post of a friend in Friendster. I hope that everyone will enjoy it. As for me, I'm still stuck in level 5. Poor me!... (T.T).. huhuhu.. Gambatte minna!.. Kaya nyo yan at kakayanin ko din!.. wahahaha..

Kindly tell me if you've passed level 5 so that I can ask questions from you. hehehe..

the most played song on my phone

Below is the most played song on my phone.It is like my teenage life-lullaby. The english translation of the song probably is either "Distant Memories" or "Distant Thoughts", not sure though. So if anyone passes by this blog and happens to know the real english title, feel free to tell me. This song is really enchanting even without words. The song just capsules the time and the suppressed emotions inside. You need not to be pundit to picture what i'm trying to say, don't you?

First heard it from the j-dorama "Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (Just One Love)" with Kamenashi Kazuya as the leading actor. That was such a nice and pure love story drama. I now wonder how it is to fall in love. Hmmmmm.... On the contrary, i'm still way to childish to think about it. (   ̄)y―oo0O0O〇○**. wahaha.. I pray that i'll also have only one but pure, adventurous and wonderful love. Love is sacred folks!

I usually play this when i cannot sleep because it radiates a warm and comfortable feeling. Don't you think so? So for now, my bed is screamin' out my name. Ja ne! (Later!)


first entry

Katrina desu..
yoroshiku onegaishimasu..